We have switched the site from traditional HTTP to use HTTPS (SSL Protected) for additional security. What this means that all egiantess.com URLs will now start with https://www.egiantess.com, as opposed to http://www.egiantess.com. Let us know if you experience any issues with this change. 


As some of you have correctly noticed the site has been upgraded to the latest version of our Portal Software. Besides the site background which has changed from blue to green, you will also notice that the following features are missing:

  1. Chat Room has been removedFixed
  2. Poll Feature has been removed 
  3. Forum file upload does not work - Fixed
  4. The YouTube Video section is gone. 
  5. Picture Upload does not work for the picture galleries. Fixed

This is only temporary, and I am working on these issues. Everything else should work as it was previously. If you notice any other issues pleas email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In addition, the site itself has been migrated to a newer and faster web host. If you see any issues, please forward them to me. 



Please joing me in welcoming our latest sponsor Amazonias! Amazonias is the place where your fantasies come true. If you're into strong, big, muscular and dominant women, look no further. Your comics - free or paid - are instantly delivered by email, and your privacy is guaranteed.

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Please join me in welcoming Dreamtales Comics as a new Sponsor of eGiantess.com. Remember, without our sponsors we would not be able to keep this website running and FREE for everyone, so go ahead and check out our Sponsor's websites by clicking on their banners below in the footer of the Page, knowing that by supporting them you support us as well.

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Please join me in welcoming a good friend of mine Crlvr to eGiantess. He has a vast collection of collages of various types and sizes that I am sure everyone will enjoy and love!

[Visit Crlvr's Gallery]

Please join me in welcoming Maxart1 to eGiantess. He has a unique style of drawing which is easy to recognize and quite unique. Personally I have been enjoying his art for years!

[Visit Maxart1 Gallery]

Please join me in welcoming Voxes to eGiantess. Like Mr.E, each of Voxes collages is includes a small story with it, to make it even more exciting. His work includes insertion, entrapment, smothering and quite a bit of dangling to name a few!

[Visit Voxes Gallery]


For over a decade the site "Female Growth Stories" has entertained Giantess Growth Fans and Amazon Lover's alike. Unfortunately last week this site was shut down by it's free hosting service "Tripod". I am happy to say however, that we were able to save all the stories contained within this archive before the site was shut down, and have added them to the "Giantess Stories" section of eGiantess. Feel free to continue to enjoy these stories, and thank you This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for your years of hard work with this story archive. 

[Giantess Growth Stories]





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