This is a story about giant women destroying tiny men. If you don't like this
sort of stuff -- go elsewhere please. Or, if you're just being picky, write
your own stuff. If you're under 18 -- do your parents know what you're doing?
If you are under 18 DON'T READ ANY FURTHER!

The House of the Tiny Men

    Tom could hardly believe the bad luck he'd been suffering from that
evening. Not only had his car dies on a country road that wasn't used often,
but it had started to rain sheets once he'd started to walk.  He probably
shouldn't have been surprised that he hadn't yet found any farm houses.  So
on he trod.
    Finally, after what seemed like an entire night, he spied a house off
in the distance. It was a really nice house. Heck, if he'd wanted to he could
have called it a mansion. It was also fairly brightly lit for the late hour
and Tom was surprised to find such a large and obviously awake house, but he
was so happy to have found any house at all that he practically ran to the
front gate.
    The gate opened immediately after him ringing the bell and he walked
up the long drive. As he walked he looked off into the fields surrounding the
unusual house and noticed a crop growing there that he had never seen before
and as he walked the rain stopped and he felt a strange sensation wash over
him. He shrugged it off and continued till he had reached the front door.
    The house was built in the style of an old southern plantation and
had no doorbell only a huge knocker. He lifted it and knocked loudly.
    Not long after, the door opened and Tom saw one of the most beautiful
women he had ever seen.  She was about 5' 7' and had auburn colored hair that
was up in a bun.  She had dark green eyes and full red lips. She could easily
have passed for a model.
    Once she had opened the door she looked at Tom and said, "Come in.
We've been hoping you would come."
    Tom didn't quite know what to make of that but decided to forget
about it and follow her into the house. She motioned him to follow her and
once he was inside closed the door and slid a bolt-style lock into place with
a loud click. For some reason the bolt was high in the door and the woman had
to reach above her head to get to it.
    Once she had slid the bolt into place she said, "You'd can't be too
careful can you?"  Not waiting for a response she said, "Come this way."
    Following the woman further into the house Tom took a good look at
his new hostess. She wore a white blouse under which he could easily see her
bra. Under that she wore a dark blue mini-skirt. She wore back seem stockings
and blue four inch heels decorated with bright sterling silver. She was
exquisitely beautiful and Tom hoped that before the night was over he would
get a chance to know her a lot better.
    She led him through numerous rooms and what seemed like miles of
hallways. Tom couldn't quite tell, because he hadn't been paying attention.
But finally that arrived at a room and she was standing there opening the
door and motioning him to enter.
    It was a bedroom. It had all the things that you might expect to find
in an 19th century plantation room. Tired as he was the sight of the bed made
him temporarily forget about his hostess and want to sleep instead. Suddenly
she interrupted his thoughts.
    "I'll bring you something that should help you sleep, okay?"
    She had the most beautiful voice that he'd ever heard and before he
left this place he decided, he would know this woman intimately well.
    Tom quickly undressed from his damp clothes and get into the bed and
soon the mysterious lady was back with a glass of what looked like warm milk.
She gave it to him and encouraged him to drink it. Taking the drink Tom
looked at her and asked, "What's your name?"
    "I'm Marisa, now drink up," was her only response.
    Tom took a sip. It tasted like milk but didn't, he couldn't quite
make out what it was but finished it anyway and laid back on the thick
feather pillow as the lady left the room and closed the door. Quickly Tom was
drifting off to sleep.
    It was getting cold, Tom was shivering. He reached for his blanket,
but found it wasn't there. As he started coming to he noticed that the bed
had been replaced with a hard surface and there was a breeze blowing around
him. A breeze that smelled like the breath of someone who had been chewing a
    He looked to where the breeze was coming from and stood up screaming.
There in front of him was the face of a gigantic woman.
    Tom backed away from the face until he had reached the wall behind
him and finally stopped screaming. Once he was quiet the giantess spoke.
    "Well, it's about time you woke up. You're a very handsome man and
I've been looking forward to having some fun with you since I laid eyes on
    "Wha...wha...what are you talking about? Where am I? Why am I so
small? Why are you so big?"
    "Hey, one question at a time," she responded. "First, lets get you
into a more comfortable surrounding."
    With that she reached in with an unbelievably huge red-nailed hand
and picked him up. For the first time Tom realized that he was completely
naked and could feel every inch (or was it inch? Couldn't really tell on his
scale) of the skin of her palm as it encircled him. It was warm and slightly
rough. But another thing it was sexy. He suddenly found himself aroused by
this giant woman's hand.
    "Hey wait a second there, we'll get to that later," she said while
placing him on the top of what looked to be a coffee table. Surrounding the
table were five women and Tom noticed that the lady that had removed him was
not the one who had tucked him in the previous night.
    Looking around he noticed that Marisa was sitting on one of the two
couched on either side of the table. She sat in the middle of two other
women. The one on her right was the woman who had taken him from whatever it
was that he had woken up in. She had dark brown hair and brown eyes. She wore
a black teddy on the top and a denim skirt on the bottom.
    To the left of Marisa was a sandy-blonde. She had a thick necklace
made of pearls around her neck and was also wearing a black teddy. She,
however, did not wear a skirt but instead wore gray stockings. Tom could not
make out her shoes from his vantage point.
    Suddenly Marisa began to speak. "I'm sure you're no doubt wondering
what's going on. Well I'll be a brief and up-front as possible. You are a
guest at the House of the Tiny Men club. It is a club that exists to shrink
men such as yourself so that we can have 'fun' with them. More often than not
these men don't make it through the 'fun' we have so we are constantly
finding ourselves needing new recruits. You were just lucky enough to find
yourself on our doorsteps the day before one of our meetings and we could
hardly turn down a freebie. So, welcome to the party."
    Tom didn't know what to say and looked at the two women sitting on
the other couch as Marisa began making introductions.
    "I would like the introduce today's party participants. To me right
is Katherine, but don't call her that, she prefers to be called Kath. To my
left is Ami. Across the table to the left is Angelica, whom you can call
Angie and Sherilynn. As Tom looked on he noticed that Angie had black hair
and Ami was a blonde.
    Still Tom was speechless, and as he watched Marisa placed a shoe box
on the table, opened its top and dumped it over. As Tom watched ten men as
small as he tumbled onto the table. They all looked terrified.
    Marisa continued, "Until you arrived we each had two men to play
with, but you gave us an uneven number. So we'll let you decide who gets
three men to play with. We like to watch each other and really enjoy the
show. You'll get to watch as well and once all the men have had their 'fun'
then you can decide who gets you. So, lets get this game going."
    To that Tom heard all the women agree.
    Sherilynn leaned forward then and, grasping a struggling screaming
man in her palm, said, "I am absolutely dying to begin and so I'll go first."
    Slowly, Sherilynn removed her blouse and bra, making a show out of it
for the man in her hand, and once her top was naked brought the man to her
immense breast. Placing his head on her huge nipple she said, "suck it my
little man. You'll never get another opportunity like this again."
    Suddenly, Tom felt himself lifted from the table and he noticed that
Marissa had picked him up and brought him close to Sherilynn and her little
    "Don't want to miss anything. After all, it'll probably make a
difference in who you decide to pick in the end.
    As Tom watched the poor little man struggled against the huge nipple
as it poked against his face. There was absolutely no way that he could have
sucked it, but he was doing his darned best at licking it. A moan escaped
Sherilynn's lips as she laid her head back. She continued crushing the man up
against her nipple but eventually moved onto rubbing his entire body across
    Tom could see that the man was aroused by the whole ordeal and was
even trying to swing his body so that his little penis would touch her
nipple. Sherilynn, noticing this, aimed him so that his penis actually
disappeared into her nipple hole. Tom heard the man moan as Sherilynn rocked
his body back and forth.
    Looking down at him Sherilynn spoke, "well time for something a
little different." With that she placed the man between her breasts and
squeezed them together, leaving just enough space for his head to stick out.
As Tom watched Sherilynn began kneading her breasts together and steadily
applied more and more pressure. Eventually Tom heard an audible crack and the
man's face between a pale color with a small stream of blood running from his
    Unceremoniously, Sherilynn took him from between her breasts and
plopped him into the shoe box on the table. "They never last long enough for
my taste," she said.
    Next to reach for a man was Marissa. But as she reached across Tom
she grabbed two men instead of one. Sitting back on the couch Tom found
himself lifted by Ami to get close to the action.
    "I never can be patient enough to last through one man while
anticipating the next," she said "so I just do both of them as the same
    As she leaned back she spread her legs wide and placed the men
between her thighs. Both men stood gawking at her gigantic pussy and didn't
move. Irritated Marisa put her hands behind each of them and moved them
    "Come on guys, I really shouldn't have to tell you what I want here
do I?"
    Soon the men were plastered against the massive wall of flesh before
them and impatiently Marissa grabbed them both in her hands. Immediately to
plunged the first man head first in hear gapping hole while placing the
second over her clit. To him see commanded "do it."
    He immediately got to work licked, biting and doing anything else he
could think of to excite the giant women while Marissa pumped the man in her
pussy in and out with increasing speed. This continued for minutes until
Marissa grabbed the man at her clit.
    "My feet have always been one of my most erogenous zones and I never
fail to orgasm when a man is servicing them. As Tom watched she popped her
heel from her heel with a popping sound. He could smell the smell from her
shoes and feet and Ami lowered him to see better. The man Marissa was holding
screamed as she dropped him into her shoe. He clawed viciously at the shoes
sole, but it glistened with Marissa's perspiration and he could do nothing
but slide down the sole until he collided with her stockinged sole. Panicked,
the man turned himself onto his back just in time to see a giant sole descend
on him.
    Marissa threw her head back. "Oh man, there's nothing better than a
man squirming in your shoe while one squirms in your cunt."
    Placing two fingers on the feet of the man in her pussy, she pushed
him until they too disappeared. Then holding her palm across her pussy lips
she began to buck until at last she screamed in ecstasy. Once it was over she
dug into her cunt and pulled the man from it. It looked like he passed out.
But Marissa either didn't care or didn't notice because she took off her
other shoe and put him into it and then put it back on.
    "When he wakes up I'll crush them both."
    All the woman chuckled at this as Angie reached for a man. But before
doing anything she reached over the side of the couch and got a large metal
bowl. One she had placed it on the floor, she dropped the little man in her
hand into it. With that she stood up and began removing her panties. Tom
could only guess what she intended to do to him and he just quickly becoming
certain that this was not the giantess he wanted to deal with.
    Once Angie's panties were removed she squatted over the bowl, took
aim and released a long stream of yellow, smelly piss. The little man in the
bowl raised his arms to fend off the stream but it hit him with such force
that he was knocked onto his butt. She continued pissing and eventually had
the bowl filled to the man's mid-section. Once she was finished he stood up
and tried to wipe his eyes. But as he did, Angie knocked him down and dunked
him in it.
    She then played a game with him. Up and breathing one second, under
the surface and gagging on oceans of piss another. Finally, he came up
coughing and sputtering as she removed him from the bowl.
    Getting on her hands and knees she handed the little man to Ami. Ami,
with a knowing look reached into a box on her side of the couch and brought
out a large jar of Vaseline. Gathering a large amount in her fingers, she
began spreading it up and down the length of the little man's body. He must
have realized what was about to happen, because at some point in the
spreading he began a blood-curdling scream.
    Once Ami had liberally smeared his body she bent towards Angie and
began with the little man's feet to slowly work him into her anus. It was
agonizingly slow as Tom watched. Ami would push him in a little, pull in out
a little, and push him in a little more. The man's pitifully tiny screams
could be heard throughout the process, until it was cut off mid scream as Ami
pushed him all the way in.
    Slowly, Angie clenched her butt-cheeks tight and moaned contentedly.
I'll save him for number two.
    Ami was next to reach across the table for her man. But before she
did she lit a cigarette and took a few deep drags from it and exhaled into
the air above her head.
    Bringing her man close to her face she took another deep breath, only
this time she exhaled directly onto the little man in her hand. Tom coughed
enveloped in the smoke cloud as well. Ami then instructed the man to hang
onto the cigarette saying, "Once this burns out, you're times up. So hang in
tight while you can." Then she left him dangling from it.
    This man was different from the rest, he didn't seem to have been
broken like the others had. Instead of dangling, as Tom watched, he swung
himself until he could pull himself up and was eventually astride the
cigarette. Ami wasn't amused and growled, "You little shit, I told you to
hang not climb up."
    Quickly she reached up and grasped the small man and, after taking a
deep drag, placed his little head between her lips. She held him there as
long as she could, but finally had to exhale. He came out soughing and
sputtering and was rubbing his stinging eyes. He opened them just in time to
see it coming. After removing the little man, Ami took one last drag and then
placed the hot tip of her cigarette on the small man's face. There she put it
out by rubbing back and forth. All that was left was a black spot where the
man's face had been. Angrily she threw his body against the far wall where it
exploded in a red spray that left a gory mark.
    To this all of the women laughed while Kathy reached for her man. But
instead Ami interrupted her, "not yet. That little shit ruined my fun so I'm
gonna take my second now if you don't mind." So Ami reached for her second
    Having seen what had just happened, it was understandable when the
man she was reaching for screamed and ran in the other direction. Ami cursed
then and lashed out. Grasping the man in her palm, she cursed as he bite her
hand. Cursing again she clenched her fist tight and the man's scream ended in
a gurgle while blood oozed out from between her fingers.
    "You shouldn't have done that, now you're all out," said Marissa.
    "Oh well, its fun no matter how they go out," replied Ami.
    Angie spoke up then, "It's time for my second man, I gotta go."
    With that she reached over and plucked a screaming man from the table
and dropped him into her piss-bowl. Landing with a loud splash he stood up to
see what was coming next. As Tom watched Angie once again pulled off her
panties and squatted over the bowl. Tom covered his nose when he heard a loud
fart escape her ass. Then, with disgust, he watched a shit-covered man as he
emerged from her hole. Tom took a close look and could see that the man was
    It was impossible for Angie to aim at the man in the bowl so he moved
aside as the shit-covered man and another turd dropped with a plop into the
bowl. But Angie didn't take long to pull up her panties and pull on a large
yellow dish-cleaning glove with a loud snap.
    Reaching over the side then of the bowl she grabbed the turd and
smashed it into the man trapped there. Ensuring that no inch of this body
wasn't covered she gleefully giggled as she went. Eventually she had forced
so much of the shit and piss into the poor man's mouth that he suffocated and
died. Angie then took the bowl and disappeared into another room. Then Tom
heard the sound of a toilet flushing and Angie returned.
    "Well since I'm going to be going last anyway you might as well take
your second man," said Katherine winking at Sherilynn.
    So, with a knowing look on her face and reaching over the table,
Sherilynn grabbed a man from its surface. As Tom watched Katherine licked her
lips as Sherilynn popped her shoe from her heel. Creating a gap just large
enough she stuffed the man into it and then put the shoe back on.
    The smell from her shoe was greater than the other one he had
smelled, for she wasn't wearing any stockings.
    Then the woman took a short break while Sherilynn wrapped her foot in
a thick blanket. Tom could only imagine how hot it must be getting for the
unfortunate man in her shoe, but he was certainly glad it wasn't him in
    After a long ten minutes or so, the 'game' continued. Sherilynn laid
back on the couch and put her feet in the air as Katherine moved around to be
face level with her feet. Then, grabbing the heel on Sherri's foot Kathy
placed her chin on the back of her ankle. Then opening her mouth wide, she
popped the shoe of off her heel and watched as the man slid down Sherri's
sole and landed in Kathy's mouth. Closing her mouth quickly Kathy swallowed,
swallowing the little man whole. Tom stared in disbelief as he followed the
little figure as it went down her throat. He was almost sure that he'd seen
the figure struggle.
    Laying back on the couch then Kathy put her hand on her stomach and
said, "Oh, I think I feel him struggling." That was enough to make her buck
back and forth in orgasm.
    Then, taking another man from the table, Kathy placed him in her
mouth and leaned forward towards Sherilynn who embraced her in a passionate
kiss. Tongues went wild in each others mouth and Tom could hear the gurgling
of their saliva as they passed him back and forth like a piece of gum. Every
so often Tom spied the little man's arm of leg as it escaped the sides of
their mouths.
    But soon the game was over and Sherilynn leaned back and closed her
mouth on the man. For a moment it looked like he might escape her mouth. But
he only got one arm and his arm out before her lips closed on him. Then
Sherilynn got an evil look on her face and bite down. A short scream was cut
off as she pulled the rest of him into her mouth and chewed him up, then
    The last man on the table decided then that he'd go for broke and ran
to the side of the table and dived off. He was unhurt because of this small
size and got to his feet and started running. But before he could get very
far, a shadow descended on him as Kathy pushed him over with her high-heeled
    Once he'd fallen she put the sole of her shoe on him so that all that
stuck out was his head.
    All she said was "that was a big mistake." Then blowing him a kiss
she slowing increased pressure until he would scream and then released it.
"I really mean it this time," she said and stepped down violently. The only
thing Tom could think of was a ketchup pack as red sprayed out from the
bottom of her shoe.
    Finally, the woman placed Tom on the table and all looked anxiously
at him while Marissa asked, "So witch of us have you chosen?"
    Tom really didn't know what to say but began sputtering anyway.
"Well, I guess if I have to choose, I choose..."

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